Ash Isaac

Technical Leader in Cloud-native DevOps & Microservices

- Engineering Manager & Cloud Architect
- DevOps leader in Serverless and Microservice architecture
- AWS Certified Solution Architect (Professional)

Employment: Engineering Manager at MedNet Solutions.
(612) 590-1491
Minneapolis, MN

  • 10+ years in Software Engineering and technical leadership roles
  • Seasoned leader in Enterprise DevOps, Serverless, Container Orchestration & Cloud-native microservices
  • Experience in security & regulatory compliance for electronic health information

University of Madras, VIT

Bachelor of Electronics and Communications Engineering, 1991-1995

Technical Reviewer: Magento Extensions Development (Jérémie Bouchet, June 2016)
Packt Publishing Limited

Practitioner of DevOps, CI/CD and Kanban. Experienced in architecting scalable, resilient, secure systems on AWS using microservices, containerization and serverless technologies.

Amazon Web Services

Services: VPC, IAM, EC2, RDS, S3, Route53, Lambda, SQS, CloudWatch
Containers: Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, EKS, ECS/Fargate, Batch

Databases & Tools

Datastores: Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB, MySQL, MS SQL Server
SCM/Build: Bamboo, Jenkins, Stash, Git, Artifactory
Automation/ Tools: Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Packer, Vault, Consul
Testing: JMeter, Karma, Jasmine, Selenium


Java: Spring Boot
Node.js: Restify, Express, Hapi.js
PHP: Magento, Symfony, Slim


Javascript: jQuery, KnockoutJS
Frameworks: Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation



MedNet Solutions is a leading eClinical technology company offering a Cloud-based Enterprise Electronic Data Capture (EDC) SaaS eClinical platform. I manage the Platform & Operations team responsible for Release Engineering and Cloud Infrastructure for the iMedNet platform.

  • Cloud automation on AWS (VPC, EC2, IAM, SQS, RDS, Route53, DynamoDB, S3, ECS/Fargate, SES, CloudWatch)
  • Container orchestration using Docker Swarm & Kubernetes) using Puppet and Terraform
  • DevOps pipeline using Bamboo/Jenkins with Ansible/Bash/Python
  • Serverless applications using Node.js/API Gateway
  • Microservices using Spring Boot/Docker/Node.js
  • Enterprise SaaS migration and performance, load and chaos testing
  • Cloud strategy, cost management, security and regulatory compliance

I started a software consulting firm in 2004, offering data-driven software development services for design agencies and businesses.

  • Launched BuyMage: Magento eCommerce integration the BuySeasons Direct® dropshipping program
  • Architected MES applications for Production Scheduling and Shop Floor Management (Python/MySQL)
  • Built TREK (.NET/MVC/WPF/SQL Server) a business application integrating with TigerPaw ERP
  • Developed REST APIs for RE/MAX Cayman Islands
  • Authored custom Magento extensions
  • System Analyst and Team Lead
  • Mainframe Business applications (DB2, Assembler, COBOL)
  • Clients: Fingerhut Corp., EBSCO Subscription Services, DISCOVER/Novus Network Services
  • Mentoring international students in social entrepreneurship at the U of M (Twin Cities) campus

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